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What the Fawke are NFTimes? The Community Curated NYTimes of the Metaverse

Claim Yours Below. Game ends Nov 5, 11:30pm ET.

We're creating a canonical history of crypto, Satoshi to present.

Challenge is, we gotta find you (and your verified 0x wallet) to give you your Easter Egg NFTime token of appreciation.

Help us help you own Crypto Time.

If the above referrer is your @twitterhandle, you can use the referral link https://www.ourtimecrypto.com/verify-wallet?ref=undefined

For each successful 0x authenticated wallet that mints an Easter Egg NFTime, using the referral link: The referrer will receive 4bps of all the dutch auction proceeds from the 150 Main Happenin NFTs running from Oct 31 to Nov 10

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